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Saturday night someone on Twitter said something about Mystery Plays, and I had the idea of hosting/holding one at St Andrew's during the Leytonstone Arts Trail. People I've spoken to so far seem keen, though it will have to get PCC approval (January) to go ahead.

Notes from a meeting with [personal profile] eithin yesterday:

SCRIPT -- we'll need one. There isn't an extant local script of which I'm aware. This means we have to get to write one. We can crowdsource it online, but will need to make some decisions about what to include. Maybe look at existing Mystery Play scripts and cut out the bits that are anti-Semitic or terrible, and then add a few scenes of our own? Different scenes/plays/sketches will be assigned to different "guilds", that is, different community groups: maybe the Scouts would do one, certainly I hope that various AmDram groups that people at church are involved in would do some, groups from other churches could do stuff, and so on. How much do we let them write/re-write the script? They're all going to have differnet acting styles, so we'll need unifying stuff: a narrator, and some kind of thing for set changes -- I'm thinking of a song with LOTS of verses summarising scenes, and a refrain, something we can either set to a well-known hymn tune (please not Common Metre) or I can write something that will go with it.

COMMUNITY GROUPS -- will need script about 2 months beforehand. We can offer direction for inexperienced players, and some bits of rehearsal space-time, but hope to be fairly minimalist in this. We'll need to check in with people to see how they're doing, and have a contingency plan for no-shows and last-minute drop-outs, but we'll also need to promote this in such a way that people don't want to drop out!

One full rehearsal. One performance, this year.

At St Andrew's we have lots of divider screens. Canvas hung from those could make some good backdrops; other than that we don't need much set. People can dress simply (perhaps all in the same colour in each group), and use simple accessories/props for character identity (sashes, Mary could carry a lily/wear a blue headscarf, etc). We'll need to issue costume guidelines.

Admission by donation gets a simple programme with a summary of the plot and the words to the song(s). A souvenir programme should be available at £10 or £12 (donations to Organ Fund), shiny paper, sponsorship, history/background of Mystery Plays, other Leytonstone Arts Trail stuff, photographs photographs photographs!, and so on.


I'm considering starting a DreamWidth community either for the entire thing or for script-writing, because I could see this getting very much more wordy than my general "scratchpad" use of this account is geared up for. Please do say if you want in. DreamWidth accounts are free.


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