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Stayed home for this one. No tea. But I transcribed the new ending of O Sweet and Blessed Country, and messed around with a bit as it still wasn't quite right. I made a recording of robot flutes playing it, and then realised I also needed to send in a CV if I wanted to enter it for the musica intima Novum 17 workshop. So then there was a bunch of messing about with the CV I used for my Aberdeen application; only a CV n Canada is sortof a different thing to a CV here. What we call a CV here, would be called a resumé there, and when Canadians ask for a CV they don't want a work history quite so much.

Anyway, I got it all sent off, and now they want me to fill out a form.

Also today I met another LGQ member at a local church to have a think about the acoustics for recording. I think we decided that the price was excellent but the background noise was too bad.


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