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This evening, I made a list of all the competitions, proposals, assignments and commissions I currently have on my plate that have deadlines.

There are twelve of them. I guess these are sortof the equivalent of conference/journal papers in other disciplines.

One of them, Kirkoskammer, I'm almost certainly not going to enter because the deadline is, er, Thursday, and I don't think I can finish that piece by then. It's a solo horn piece, and I put it on the back burner when I didn't finish it in time for the International Horn Society competition this year.

One of them is a piece for Juice vocal ensemble's visit to Aberdeen. It really needs to be done by 28/2 and I haven't chosen a text yet, which is awkward. I wrote Talvilaulu for their recent Call for Scores and it... wasn't selected, so I am feeling a bit apprehensive about my ability to write for them. But I will try.

There's the Uncommon Music one which is for vocal quartet and piano and/or guitar. That has a deadline of 1/3 and it is also likely to fall off the list, unless I come across something that I know will work well.

I'm working on the Sara Teasdale piece for the Da Capo competition, only open to Canadians, with a deadline of 13/3.

After that there's a cluster of deadlines: 31/3, 31/3, and 1/4, all SATB choral things. There's a 15/4 deadline brass quintet for women composers, and that's... er, Holy Saturday, so I won't be getting much done at the last minute (even if I'm not active as an organist right now, I intend to spend much of Holy Week, and certainly the Triduum, in church. I'm just not sure which one!); there's a lot going on.

Then a proposal for a commission competition, due 1/5; I'm not accustomed to writing proposals, and would like to enter this for the experience of doing so, but the final work will also be performed in a piece honouring LGBTQIA people and that is a cause I feel strongly about; finding a text will, as ever, be the challenge. Then there's the Busan competition, due 31/5, with an age limit of 40 so I want to get in while I'm still young enough. And there are a few more I haven't even added to the kanban yet (I'll be reviewing again before I start thinking about them much): deadlines in July and September. There may well be some more Canadian competitions kicking around, too, this year being the 150th anniversary; they don't always make it onto the main sites I check for opportunities.

While I'm doing this, the "undeadlined" things I have on my plate include:
-the Choirs Against Racism project
-Some more PhD-specific writing that isn't competition-driven
-moving some more WIPs into the "finished" bin generally: I have over 20 in the "back-burner" pile.
-wanting to finish one work/month to put onto Patreon, or even two works/month if I can manage that (I could really, really do with the money).

This afternoon I had another meeting with Dr Francis Roads about the London Gallery Quire CD.

This morning I got my Patreon rewards all ready for posting. Something I want to improve at in my crowdfunding practice is getting those envelopes ready before I even put the music online, so that when the Patreon payments come through I can just go to the Post Office. I'm not there yet, though.


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