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It's that time of year again: time to get started on the Online Carols

I'm making a new mailing list for this year's coordination.
It is at -- please join it if you would like to contribute. If anyone else you know would like to contribute then please ask them to e-mail me (artsyhonker at gmail dot com) or join the list. Some years people have just randomly prepared things and sent them to me, which is great but I can't always use such material if all the slots are full!

What's involved:
1) I'll set up a Doodle poll with slots for the readings, music, and prayers and reflections
2) Each person takes responsibility for one of the slots.
3) You can work together on things, of course, and I'll include links to artwork we've been given permission to use, and so on.
4) I'll set up 'dummy' private posts on the site.
5) Record your work, make sure you have a plaintext copy of any lyrics or the words of the reading, and add it to the relevant post on the wordpress site (more detailed instructions later) or just send it to me. Please make sure your sound files, if you have them, are already online: soundcloud is a good way to do this (if you don't have an account already you can get a basic one for free).
6) Publicise the carol service on social media.
7) There will be a "retiring collection" for Shelter. I've set up a JustGiving page here: so that we'll be able to see how much we've raised.

I'd like to have all the content by the end of 22nd December in all timezones, so that on 23rd December I can make sure everything is in order and still have time to pick up any dropped pieces.

Any questions do ask them below!


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