Feb. 14th, 2017


Feb. 14th, 2017 06:40 pm
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I thought I probably wouldn't finish it in time, but...I think I have, in fact, finished the horn solo for the Kirkoskammer competition (deadline Thursday).

I think there's also progress on the Juice piece (deadline 28/2) but I have a text copyright problem and may need to approach that one differently. Botheration. At this point I need to write the difficult copyright piece to get it out of my mind and then find another text.

Meanwhile I did some back-of-envelope calculations and I am feeling exceedingly skint. I am spending a lot on this PhD, and it's difficult to reduce costs much (yes, transport would be less if I took the bus instead of the train to Aberdeen, but I get horribly motion sick on buses; yes, I could try to stay somewhere cheaper when I'm there, but then I start wasting more time and energy on transport, and my joint problems make the choice of mattress really important if I don't want to be even more limited by pain than I already am; you get the idea.) I think I have a few options for earning more that will help, but none of them are instant, and by my current reckoning I have about 3 months to sort this. Sigh.


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